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  • Active member: an active member is every advocate who interacts with, comments on, likes, or views at least one campaign.

  • Advocate: an advocate is someone willing to vouch for your company. Within the Ambassify community, an advocate is a member who can log into your platform and who interacts with your campaigns.

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  • Audience: all the members of the community. When creating a campaign, you can filter the audience to aim towards a specific kind of audience. For example, you can restrict or filter your audience so that your campaign is visible only to Employees, Developers, etc.


  • Bruce: Bruce the Bear is a big, blue bear and he is Ambassify’s mascot.


  • Campaign: a campaign is an action with which you ask your advocates to perform a specific task for you. For example, with a Social Share campaign, you can ask your advocates to share content on their social media profiles.

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  • Click cost: this number is based on your CPC and corresponds to the amount of money you’d have spent on ads to generate the same amount of clicks you are now obtaining via Ambassify.

  • Clicks generated: this is the number of clicks that an interaction generates. For example, the number of clicks generated by a post shared on LinkedIn.

  • Community: an online environment where your company unites its brand advocates. This is the platform front-end, where you can find all different types of campaigns.

  • Contact: a contact is someone who cannot log into your community but whose contact you have stored on the platform.

  • Conversion Rate: the percentage of all the unique views that resulted in or generated an interaction.

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  • Cost-per-interaction value: based on the points that are configured as a reward for completing a campaign, we calculate a cost-per-interaction value that indicates the monetary value generated for your company per interaction.

  • Custom property: a custom property is an extra field an admin can create to add to a member’s profile, for example, ‘Client number’ and you can create different fields: Single-Line Text, Multi-Line Text, Number, Checkbox, Radio buttons, Dropdown, or Date.


  • Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS): the ENPS is a tool that measures employee loyalty, and it is based on one question: “how likely are you to recommend working at Company x to a friend or a colleague?”

  • Engagement campaigns: we call engagement campaigns all those campaigns that engage with the community members to ask for their input, ideas, and feedback. For example, Poll, Survey, Voting, and Ideation campaigns.

  • Engagement Value: this is an estimation of the monetary value generated by your members’ interactions on Ambassify. It’s the number of interactions multiplied by a cost-per-interaction value specific to each of your campaigns.


  • Featured: if you make a campaign a featured item the campaign will always be displayed at the top of the community feed, and in a separate tab on the mobile app.


  • Gamification: it uses game-like elements to stimulate engagement and encourage friendly competition. For example, point collection, leaderboard, and rewards.

  • Group: members of the community can be grouped together in groups based on their role, for example, Employee, Customer, Ex-employee, Developer, etc.


  • Interaction: any action performed by a community member when performing a campaign task. For example, sharing a link on LinkedIn via Ambassify.


  • Landing Page: Landing pages in the Ambassify platform are standalone pages that are accessible to the public. Anyone with the link to the landing page can open it and interact with the content on it.


  • Manager: also called Administrator (or Admin), a manager is a community member who has access to the backend, can create and edit campaigns, manage the community, and change day-to-day stuff in the community.

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  • Member: a member is someone who has access to your community on Ambassify.

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  • Message: automated or manual e-mail that you can send to any member via the Ambassify platform.

  • Mystery reward: a mystery reward is a number of points that are rewarded to ambassadors for actually completing a task in a campaign. After the action of the ambassador is verified, admins can award the mystery reward to that ambassador.


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): the NPS is a tool that measures customer loyalty, and it is based on one fixed question: “how likely are you to recommend Company x (or Product X) to a friend or colleague?”


  • Point: a point is virtual coin ambassadors are rewarded with for interacting with a campaign on the community. Admins can configure how many points each campaign yields in the Campaign Settings.

  • Potential Reach: number of shares multiplied by the number of your members’ followers, friends, or connections on social media. Literally, the number of people who could have seen the post.


  • Reward: a reward is an item that ambassadors can claim by exchanging a certain amount of points. Rewards can be made available by Admins on the ‘Rewards’ section in the community, who can also configure how many points are needed for each of the rewards).


  • Social Sharing: Social sharing happens when advocates share industry-related news and the latest product updates about your company to their social media networks.

  • Spotlight: a spotlight is a yellow label with a lightbulb you can put on a campaign to mark it and make it stand out to ambassadors in the community. This feature is not available on the mobile app.


  • Tag: a tag is a label that admins can assign to each campaign and landing page based on its content. Tags are used to sort and filter campaigns in the community.

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