Rewards are a useful tool to keep members of your community motivated, but it should not be the driving force of your community.

Rewards are fully configurable and are worth a specified amount of points. The user can exchange an amount of their collected points for a reward of their choosing, as long as they have enough points collected.

How to use your rewards

The interactions that your advocates create are worth a lot to your brand. In order to create some competition among your advocates we have decided to reward advocates with an amount of points of your choosing for each interaction.

These points allow your advocates to climb the leaderboard, but it would also allow them to claim rewards once they have collected the required amount of points. These rewards should be considered thank you gifts to those advocates generating real value. Your advocates should not consider them as prizes and the rewards should most definitely not become the reason why they interact. You don’t want your community to consist of price-hunters who don’t have a real bond with your brand.

Value of points

We did some surveys to gain insights into the value of points. The suggested value of a single point comes down to 0.02 euro. With that in mind it is easy to gauge the value of challenges and rewards. For example, something worth 1 euro would be worth 50 points on the platform.

We’ve generated an overview of the available challenges and their suggested value.

Pricing of challenges

The table below has the suggested value for each of the different challenge types. We’ve performed a survey among our customers and based the values below on the input there.

Pricing of rewards

This table may serve as reference or some inspiration and is passed on the values described above.

Configuring rewards and handling requests

To configure rewards and handle requests you should:

  • Click on the Rewards tab.

  • On the left of the page you will see three tabs: Pending requests, Handled requests and Canceled and refunded requests.

Handle reward requests

The Reward request section has 3 pages which allow you to handle the 3 different states in which a request can be situated:

  • Pending requests display open requests. Requests can be accepted by clicking Done or they can be denied by clicking Refund

  • Handled requests display the rewarded and closed requests.

  • Refunded requests display the requests you have chosen to refund.

Configure rewards

Also within the rewards page, the tab Configure rewards can be found. To configure a reward:

  • Click on Create reward, on the top of the page

  • If your community supports multiple languages, a reward can be configured in each language. If your community only supports one language, the language tab will be invisible

  • Provide a title or name

  • Add a description

  • Upload an image or visual

  • List an amount of points needed to get this reward

Rewards can also be targeted to certain people or ambassador groups. For example: an entry ticket for a marketing conference can be made visible only for marketing employees and not for your customers.

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