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How to use Tags
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In Ambassify you can segment and organize your Ambassify campaigns with the help of tags. This article explains the benefits for both admins and members.

You can create and manage your tags in your account settings (gear icon) under Campaigns > Tags.

When you're creating a tag, you can choose if it should be visible to members or not. When you choose to make it not visible, the main purpose of the tag will be to organize your campaigns from an admin point of view. Keep reading to find out how.

Filter on tags in the community dashboard

When tags are made visible to members, a "filter by tag" dropdown list will appear in the top right of the community dashboard. Here, members can select one or more tags to filter on specific topics or categories. By selecting multiple tags, campaigns will be shown that match one or more of the selected tags. It's also possible to enable the checkbox "Only show posts that have every selected tag".

Campaign Organization

Once you’ve created your tags they will start showing up in the sidebar of the Campaign Overview page and you’ll be able to view a specific subset of your campaigns by clicking on the Tag name. This way, you can easily organize and find all campaigns related to a specific topic or category.

Attaching tags to your campaigns

When you are creating a campaign, you can add one or more tags to it. You can do this in the campaign builder (i.e. editor), in the sidebar on your right.

Once your campaign has been created and it can be found in your campaign overview list in the backend, you can also find and/or edit the tags when you open the campaign. When you click on the campaign in the campaigns list, the campaign dashboard opens. Here, in the top left below the campaign name, you can find the associated tag(s). By clicking on the pencil icon, you can add or edit the tags.

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