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How do you give new managers permission to the Ambassify account

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If you are looking to give an existing member additional permissions, such as allowing them to edit content for your community you can check out our article on permissions.

In many companies, more than one person will manage your pool of (potential) advocates. To avoid you having to share your login details, you can easily invite multiple managers.
​Step 1: Ensure the new manager has a member account in Ambassify.

If the person that you want to give permission to isn't a member yet, he/she should be added as a member first before you can grant the permission to edit content.

This is accomplished by clicking on the Members tab from the top navigation, followed by clicking on the Add Member button to the right or you screen.

Step 2: Complete the new user's profile.

You can provide any information that you would like to keep in the Ambassify member database and set the groups a member or manager is part of.

In order to create the user profile at least the following fields should be provided when creating the account.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address or Telephone

Step 3: Sending the manager invitation

Now that you've created a new member account, we can send an invite by e-mail that will help them set up their credentials and grant them access to the Ambassify control panel.

To get started navigate to Messages by clicking on the Messages item from the top navigation. Next click on Create message on the right of your screen.

Step 4: Create a new Manage invite message.

The wizard will guide you through the creation of the manager invite message.
Complete the wizard up to the point your are asked about the message audience.

Provide a clear name for the message, this will help you identify the invite later.

When you reach the audience step continue to Step 5 of this guide.

Step 5: Select the recipients of the invite

In the audience step you'll be asked to select the members that should receive the invite. By default we'll add a filter for you that will ensure that no existing manager receive the invite.

You can add additional filters to reduce the list of recipients. For this guide you will want to add the Email address filter by clicking the purple Add Filter button.

If you need more information on Audience filters, please see our dedicated help article.

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