Have you identified the advocates that have proven to be most loyal to your brand? It’s time to show them how you really feel by inviting them into a private community. It are these most loyal advocates that ensure that traditional advertising will no longer be your primary tool driving sales. Recommendations and endorsements from advocates have a much higher impact on the perception of your brand compared to ads and banners or other more traditional methods of marketing.

Two-way communication

Building a community of advocates should add value for your brand, but don’t forget to think about the value for your advocates too. Keeping your advocates engaged in a community can be challenging, knowning in advance what you will be offering your advocates will lighten the burden. The primary goal of the community is to create two-way communication between your brand and advocates. As a brand you provide them with unique insights into the inner workings of your brand, in return your advocates will give you their opinions on all sorts of issues. Once there is a feeling of trust the community can be used for many more things. We provide you with the tools to ask for referrals, a share on social networks or even chime in on discussion being held on the internet.

Ambassador DNA

Great advocates add more value to a brand as they usually are credited for. Great advocates are part of your brand, recommending your brand to their friends and family when they have little to gain. If you choose to invite these advocates into your private community you should consider them being part of your brand’s family. Because of this it’s very important to ensure that you only add those advocates to your community that are truly great advocates. You’ll want to be adding advocates that have been responsive when you messaged them using messages or those that interacted with challenges published on landing pages.

Already know who your truly great brand advocates are and want to get started? Invite them into your family using the community invite message preset in the messages module.

Profile completeness

Effectively leveraging your advocates requires you to have the correct information on file. An Ambassify community helps you out here by occasionally asking advocates for information that is missing from their profile. You don’t have to do anything for this to work, we only need to know what information you are interested in when setting up your Ambassify account. The community will from then show your advocates a challenge we call the Connect challenge, which will allow them to connect their social networks and thus completing their user profiles.

Visualizing a community

By now you might be wondering what a community actually would look like. The screenshot below should give you an idea of that, it is how what we at Ambassify think a great community should look like.

The primary pieces of information on the screen are the rectangular boxes which are you posts, these are individual items with which a user can interact. While on the righthand side there is a leaderboard that give your community a fun and playful feel.


A leaderboard helps you keep your advocates engaged, each action they perform will reward them some amount of points which will allow them to surpase other advocates. For those of you leveraging Ambassify as an employee advocacy platform this often plays out as a friendly contest among colleagues.

Another method of leveraging the leaderboard is through rewards. If you choose to enable rewards your advocates will be able to exchange points for rewards. What these rewards are is completely up to you and can be configured at will.

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