Reward forms

You can attach forms to your rewards: members will be asked to fill these in when they request the reward.

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Community managers will know this is a pretty handy feature – say goodbye to those days of chasing down your ambassadors to find out their t-shirt size!

For example, you can ask them for address info, sizes, colors, etc. depending on the type of reward they have claimed.

So how does this work?

When you create a new reward, you will see the option form:

Next, you can select the different form fields you need to be able to handle the reward request.

It works the same way as our regular form builder.

For this example, we used radio buttons:

Once the form is ready, your ambassadors will see this form when they click "get it" to claim their reward. In the backend, you will see the option to view the details of their reward request.

You will also find the form fields when you export your pending reward requests. To do this, you can click "export all" in the view of the pending requests.

Remember that once you have created a reward form, it will go into a locked state, and you can't change it anymore. This is to prevent any changes to the form which could lead to inconsistencies and data loss.

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