Next to rewards, it's also possible to add goals to your advocacy program. While rewards can be earned on an individual level, goals can be reached on a collective basis. Rewards and goals can coexist in your community. In this article, we'll explain you how goals work.

When you navigate to Gamification, in the left menu below configure, you will find goals.

The first step is to create a goal.

You can create one or more goals that will be shown to your community members. A goal has the following settings:

  • Internal name

    This is the backend name for your goal. It is not shown to the users but is used to show a single name in the backend.

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Title

  • Description

Example 1

Once you have created your goal, you must add one or more objectives. Otherwise you can't set your goal live.

A "single objective" goal lets all members work towards the same goal, while "multiple objectives" let you divide the goal into separate groups that can compete against each other. Note that once you choose "single objective," you will not be able to add more objectives later.

Set multiple objectives

  • Title (only applicable on multi-objective goals)

  • The number of points must be collected for the objective to reach 100%. Members don’t have to spend any points to advance the objectives, every point they earn by participating in campaigns counts towards the objective.

  • An audience filter lets you specify which members’ points count for this objective, e.g., you could have a "Team Marketing” objective where the audience filter specifies that points from people with “Group = Team Marketing” and only points earned from those people would count. This makes it possible to create a goal with an objective for every office you have so they can compete against each other (and work towards a collective goal at the same time).

PS: When working with multiple objectives, don't forget to select if a goal is achieved when at least one objective is achieved or if all objectives need to be achieved.

In this example, all objectives need to be achieved:

Example 2

Goal: The first team with 1.000 points wins cake for the team

  • This goal is made out of multiple objectives

  • The goal is achieved when at least one objective is achieved

Goals are currently in bèta. Note that we are still working very hard on optimizing the feature, and there will likely be some significant changes to the feature in the coming weeks.

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