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Create separate leaderboards based on your preferences

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In Ambassify, it is possible to create custom leaderboards. Next to the default general leaderboard that applies to your whole community, you can create leaderboards based on your preferences.

Leaderboards can be named and ordered and have options to specify which members can see the leaderboard and which members should be included in the ranking of the leaderboard.

Depending on your audience segmentation, you can create separate leaderboards per country or department or provide a leaderboard for internal and external employees.

In the example below, we create a separate leaderboard for our Ambassify employees.

How can you set up custom leaderboards?

Go to Gamification in the header, and under Configure, you can click Leaderboards.

Now you will see that the default leaderboard is already in place. You can keep it or remove it. By clicking on "Add Leaderboard," you can create your custom leaderboard.

Next, you add an Internal Name that is visible in the backend, and you add the names that will be visible in the community. You must add one or more translations depending on your language settings.

Via the filters, you can 1) determine who should be the members of this leaderboard and 2) to which members the leaderboard should be visible.

In this example, we chose to create a leaderboard specifically for our Ambassify employees and also made it only visible to them.

In the community, the employees will now see the general (default) leaderboard and the custom leaderboard for employees only.

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