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Reporting metrics glossary
Reporting metrics glossary

In this article, you can find the definitions of our reporting metrics and more information on these specific metrics.

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Are you trying to understand something that's not defined here? Ask us via the Intercom chat and we can add it to the list. 😄

Active members: The number of members that viewed, interacted with, liked, or commented on a campaign.

Interactions: The number of interactions. An interaction happens when a campaign is completed. So this is the sum of all votes, ideas submitted, photos submitted, etc...

Conversion Rate: Percentage of all the unique views that also include an interaction.

Engagement Value: An estimation of the monetary value generated by your members’ interactions on Ambassify. It’s the number of interactions multiplied by a cost per interaction value specific to each of your campaigns.

Cost per interaction: Based on the points that are configured on a campaign, we calculate a “cost per interaction” value that indicates the value generated for your company per interaction.

CPI = (instant_points + mystery_points) * cost_per_point * 5

So we take all points a member can earn with a campaign and multiply it by the customer's "cost per point" setting, which you can find in the company metrics settings. We now have a monetary value for how much a member receives per interaction.

This number is multiplied by 5 because we are assuming that your members only get a small part (20%) of the value of a campaign as a reward.

It's easier to understand if you think about it in reverse order:

  1. Say you're setting up a campaign and every interaction is worth €100 for you.

  2. You don't want to give every user that participates €100 because then you're left with no "profit" for the company.

  3. So you give them 20% of the value as a reward for participating. That makes €20 per interaction.

  4. Since we don't want our members to think about all of this in terms of money, we will turn this €20 into points instead. For this, we use the "Cost per point" setting. By default, this is €0.02 per point.

  5. So €20 / 0.02 = 1000 points

  6. We now divide the 1000 points between instant and mystery because we don't always want members to get everything all at once. (E.g. 200 points instant and 800 points mystery.)

Clicks: the number of times when someone clicked on your shared link. This does not include likes or comments on social media posts.

Potential Reach: Number of shares multiplied by the number of your members’ followers, friends, connections, … on social media, so the number of people who could have seen the post.

Click Cost: An estimation of how much your clicks would have cost using traditional advertising.

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