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Tracking the performance of your advocacy program is essential, whether you are managing the day-to-day activities of your advocates and campaigns on the platform or if you need to report to your higher-ups. In your Ambassify account, you can already find a lot of information when you go to Reports.

Your license (Essential, Premium, or Enterprise) gives you access to our basic or advanced reports.

With all the available information, you might wonder why you need custom reports. This article will give you some more insights into the possibilities.

With the help of our data analyst, Vincent, we can now provide you with additional data you might not find in our general reports, and you get to decide which data matters to you.

Here's what you can add to your existing reports:

Custom visual reports (embedded in your account)

Adding a graphic layer on top of your data has some key advantages:

  • Much easier to read

  • Analyze results in no time

  • Combine with existing Ambassify reports

Some examples:

  1. Activation in time

    Consider graphs over time, including data on member registrations to the platform (members onboarded vs. onboarding goal, member activation rates (members activated vs. activation goal), and member interaction rates (e.g., number of interactions over time). This will give you, at one glance, the opportunity to see whether or not you are reaching your objectives. And in case of a negative trend, it will help you identify this as fast as possible so you can turn it around.

  2. Advocates deep dive

    We can provide you with a complete view of your community members. How are they segmented into groups or other user properties? What are the most popular campaigns amongst these groups? What rewards are most popular, and which users collected the most points?

    Or we can provide you with a detailed list of these members (including ID, first name, last name, email, language, interactions, views, points received in the selected period, groups, and campaigns they interacted with).

    This can be interactively filtered and exported in Excel, so you can reward top advocates or try to re-motivate inactive ones.

  3. Community deep dive

    A detailed analysis of how you are using the platform. This can include the best-performing campaigns (in terms of content or type), the moment your ambassadors are most active, and the best working workflows (notifications).

    These insights can help you improve activity and user experience.

Steering committee data insights

Receive a tailored presentation based on a full analysis of your account and better understand your account’s performance. You receive actionable reports, which will help you improve your advocacy initiatives.

This can include:

  • Return on investment

A detailed overview of your social media presence generated via Ambassify. This includes reach, clicks, conversions, and return on investment via saved advertising costs.

  • Account 360 overview

  • Benchmark yourself with other customers

Custom data exports

Besides custom visual reports, we can also provide custom CSV/JSON data exports accessible through a fixed URL. This link will be available at all times via your account. Every time you request the URL, the newest data will be available.

This can be useful when integrating Ambassify interaction data with your internal reports. They can be used to add the data to your data warehouse or directly imported into BI tools like MS Power BI, Tableau, …

💡The possibilities with custom reports are extensive, don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager if you want to discuss your ideas.

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