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1. To create a new campaign, you can click on the green button Create campaign.

Next, you can choose one of six call-to-action tiles, depending on what you'd like your ambassadors to do:

  • Like, comment, or share our content

  • Post their own content

  • Follow us on Social Media

  • Give input about a topic

  • Check out our content

  • Provide us with referrals

2. Now, you can start creating your campaign. The basics are the same for each type of campaign, so we'll be focussing on a Share campaign in this article.

Once you click on Like, comment, or share our content, you'll be asked to enter a URL or upload an image or a video.

In this example, we add the URL to a blog article because we want our ambassadors to share this article.

The platform will automatically add a name for your campaign, but you can change it at any time by just clicking on it in the dark header.

On the top left of the builder, you will see the option to Exit your campaign or to Save it as a draft.

โ€‹3. You can edit every element of your campaign right here in the builder.

You can configure the rewards by changing the coins (that is, the reward your ambassadors will get for completing that campaign)and the campaign author.

Next, you can change the different elements of your campaign: the title, the content (description) and the campaign visual. These elements are all visible to the members of your campaign audience, so make sure they are clear and appealing. Don't forget to include a call to action (CTA).

To make any changes, you have to click on the element you wish to modify; for example, if you want to edit the campaign header, you can click on it and add a clear title.

For the campaign visual, you can choose between three options:

  • single image

  • slideshow of images

  • video

The choice can be made in the sidebar on the right side of the campaign builder. To learn more about the campaign visual, click here.

Below the header, you can add the content of your campaign. Here you can give additional information about what your ambassadors are expected to do. For example, you can also provide more background information about the article.

You can edit the text inline by highlighting a part of it:

By clicking on the plus sign, you can add an image or a video and edit the item using the icons you see on the screenshot below.

4. Next up is the share preview. You can edit this and add multiple options to provide content variations when sharing.

Don't forget to enable the right share buttons and to set the default share messages for the different social networks:

You can configure a thank you message and, if you want, add campaign-specific UTM parameters to your campaign.

If you enable conversion tracking, you can track conversions on your members' shares by implementing a conversion pixel on your site. Here you can find more information.

5. Your campaign is almost set! Don't forget the side panel on the right of the campaign builder to select the final settings before publishing your campaign!

Over here, you can select:

  • Help admins/members to find your campaign more quickly in the backend/community.

  • Summary

A summary of your campaign description that will appear in the campaign tile in the community dashboard.

  • Visuals

    You can choose between a static image, image slideshow or a video.

  • In which language(s) do you want to create this campaign?

  • Can members leave comments on this campaign in the community?

    Can members give likes to this campaign in the community?


When you paste the URL from an existing social media post on LinkedIn or Facebook, you will also notice the option re-share:

Below, I added an example with an existing LinkedIn post. As you can see you can also add the embedded preview of the link in your campaign.

This gives the following result on your actual campaign:

When your campaign is ready to go live, you can click the button continue.

You can publish the campaign now, or you can also schedule it for later.

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