Gather input with the ideation campaign

When and how to set up an ideation campaign

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This article explains how to use an Ideation campaign in Ambassify to gather valuable input from your advocates.

When can you use an Ideation campaign type?

An Ideation campaign is a helpful tool to collect ideas for all kinds of purposes. One of its biggest advantages is that it gives your advocates the possibility to come up with and share their own ideas on a specific topic. Plus, it gives other members the opportunity to upvote the ideas they like the most.

This allows you to leverage the knowledge, creativity and ideas that live within your community, and by involving your ambassadors, you can increase the feeling of belonging and engagement.

For example, you can give your advocates the chance to:

  • come up with ideas for the next team building event

  • invent new themes or names for the meeting rooms

  • propose new meeting formats to improve their efficiency

How does it work?

Click Create campaign and choose the tile "Give input about a topic". Next up, pick the option "Ideation" in the list.

Now, you can provide clear and appealing content for your ideation campaign:

  • give it a distinctive and recognisable name (only visible to admins)

  • set rewards (optional)

  • set a campaign author

  • upload or drag and drop a campaign visual

  • give a title to your campaign

  • provide text (and image/video) in the content part, explaining the goal of the campaign

Next, you can keep the default "submit idea button text" or change it to your preference. The same goes for the "thank you message after campaign is completed".

At the bottom of the campaign builder, you can select the option to allow ambassadors to participate more than once.

In the side-bar on your right, you can add or edit the following:

  • tags

  • summary

  • channels

  • languages

  • audience

  • comments & likes

When you are ready, click Create. Now you can publish your campaign right away or schedule it for later. If you click exit, you can also save it as a draft.

Below is an example of how an ideation campaign can look like in the frontend / for users. The ideation campaign has two parts that are being applied automatically: campaign title and campaign description. This is the part that your ambassadors should fill in.

All the ideas that your members submit will be collected in the backend. Here, admins can approve or reject incoming ideas:

The approved ideas will show up in the ideation campaign, where users can upvote the ones they like the most. The number of upvotes is shown in the campaign and visible to all members within the targeted audience:

In the backend, where as an admin you can approve/reject the submitted ideas, you can also click on the details of each idea. Here, you can all the community members who upvoted the idea.

This way, you can easily and quickly discover the most popular ideas and build on the input you receive from your ambassador community to move forward with those ideas.

Tip: you can set a specific start and finish date for your ideation campaign and remind your ambassadors to submit their ideas by using a campaign promotion message. Shortly before the campaign is about to finish, you can also send a message to everybody saying they still have X days to upvote.

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