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Channel: community vs. landing
Channel: community vs. landing

Community campaigns can be found only in the community. Landing pages are separate pages that individuals can view outside of the community.

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Landing pages in the Ambassify platform are stand-alone pages accessible to the public. Anyone with the link to the landing page can open it and interact with its content. Each landing page contains a single post that the viewer of the page can interact with. The look and feel of these posts are identical to that of a post published inside the community.

The difference between a landing page and a community page is simple: a community page can be found only in the community and is only visible to someone with access to the community. Landing pages are separate pages that individuals can view outside of the community that received that link to that page by mail, for example.

Using a landing page

Landing pages can be used in different scenarios and help accomplish various goals as they allow low-friction interactions with your audience. Since the landing page is a separate public page, it will not display the leaderboard, points, or promise participants any rewards for their actions.

Below you can find the different uses for a landing page:

  • Identifying ambassadors

Landing pages are perfect whenever you are trying to select your future ambassadors. On top of that, asking future ambassadors to interact with a couple of landing pages before joining the community is a good way of gauging their level of engagement.

  • Collecting data

A form post embedded on a landing page can help collect any kind of information. For example, you could ask people for an opinion, their personal information, or whether they would like to sign up for your newsletter, community, or anything else. Moreover, a poll would allow you to verify a product's direction or the most fun activity for your next team building.

  • Reaching beyond your community

Not all of your goals fit within the borders of a private community: some content will need to be spread to a broader audience to gain the traction you are looking for. Landing pages help you with that, as they can be sent to individuals without access to the community. You could even reach beyond the community of your members using other networks to share the landing page link, but keep in mind that this limits some aspects of the analytics that Ambassify provides.

  • Combined with messages

There are two ways to distribute a landing page, either through messages or by simply sharing the link to the landing page on other social networks or via your mailbox. If you have chosen to spread a landing page using messages, we will automatically personalize the link sent to your ambassador. This technique allows us to provide individual open rates, click rates, interaction rates, number of shares, and other analytics. This approach ensures you get the most out of the posts and landing pages you launch on Ambassify.

If you choose to publish the link to the landing page on other social networks, we will not be able to perform sophisticated tracking. At that point, we need to rely on previous interactions of that user with the Ambassify platform to provide detailed interactions.

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