How to set up a voting campaign

Let your Ambassadors cast their votes and raise their voice

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Vote on a topic

Ambassify lets you collect input directly from your Ambassadors.

Let your Ambassadors cast their vote on a topic, providing them with as many options as you want, with buttons of which the text is fully customizable to your exact use-case.

This means that you can get your Ambassadors’ opinions in a simple format, for example, you could ask them a Yes/No question or ask them whether they Agree or Disagree on a topic of your choice, or ask them to choose among different options.

To do so, create a Vote campaign in the campaign builder. You can find it by clicking Create campaign > I want my ambassadors to give input about a topic > Vote.

First you can craft the content of your campaign, by adding an author, name, title, description, header image, etc. Once your campaign is ready, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will be able to choose the Poll options.

To add a new option, simply click on the Add button; there, you will be able to fully customize your option, and add a Visual to it as well.

It will look like this in the community:

If you wish, you can also allow your Ambassadors to participate multiple times in your poll, in case you need to gather their inputs multiple times.

To do so, enter the Edit section of your campaign, and scroll to the bottom. Just before the Poll options, you will see an Additional Settings tab.

Check the box to Allow members to participate multiple times, and the campaign will be visible to your Ambassadors even after they've completed it the first time.

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