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Strava integration (currently in bèta)
Strava integration (currently in bèta)

Admins can select compatible goals (tracking distance or time) on which Strava tracking should be enabled.

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We've recently added a Strava integration option for community goals. In this article, we'll explain how it works.

💡Note that the Strava integration is currently in bèta and not publicly available for everyone. If you would like to receive more information about this, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager.

1) First, you have to set up a community goal. You can find more information about this here. To add the Strava integration to your goal, you have to make sure that you track distance or time. Otherwise, you won't be able to add it.

Here's an example:

In the example above, I've chosen the objective type walk/run/cycle/swim, which we track in meters (distance), but you can also choose the objective type exercise, which we track in minutes (time).

2) Once your goal is configured, and we've added the Strava integration to your Ambassify account, you can configure it in the Settings at integrations.

Once you click configure, you must select an objective from the dropdown. Only compatible objectives will be shown here. So, in this example, I select the "Fall Strava Challenge".

After, you have to select the activities in Strava which count towards achieving the goal. If you leave it empty, we track all activities.

3) This will add a Strava connection block to the goal’s interface in the community. Members can use it to connect their Strava and see that a goal connects to Strava. Once a member has connected their Strava to Ambassify, their Strava activity will automatically be synced into all Strava-enabled goals.

I have for you the steps for the members below.

1) Configure accounts

2) Click Strava

3) Authorize Ambassify to connect to Strava

4) Click yes

5) Successful connection

Note: No personal data is transferred; we only track distance or time.

We can only track activities on Strava if they are shared with everyone or with your followers. If it is a private activity, we can't track it.

From now on, we will track all contributions, and members can see the list of the top contributors and they can see the goal progressing via the progress bar.

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