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Microsoft Teams integration
Microsoft Teams integration

Integrate your community into the Teams desktop, mobile and web application.

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Bring your community closer to your members by integrating your Ambassify community within the Microsoft Teams app.

How does the integration work

Once Ambassify has been installed within Teams, you'll have access to the community from the Teams sidebar, and easily access it and all its content with one click.

Adding the integration to the company catalog

To install the Ambassify community into your Teams application, an admin will first need to add the Ambassify application to the company catalog.

To do so, ask your Customer Success Manager to send you the application installer. You can upload the file you'll receive to your organization's catalog.

How to install the integration

Once the application has been added to your company catalog, you'll be able to install it within Teams.

To do so, go to the 'Apps' section in the bottom left of your Teams sidebar. Click on 'Built for your org,' and there, you'll find the Ambassify community. Click on it to install Ambassify on your account.

Once installed, you can choose to pin Ambassify to the sidebar by right-clicking the Ambassify icon and clicking on 'Pin.'

Pre-installing the integration

As an organization admin, you can also pre-install the Ambassify application for your Teams users by using policies. You can set up a Teams policy that pre-installs and even pins the community in the Teams app.

Do note that it might take up to 24h for changes to policies to be reflected in all of your users' Teams applications.

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