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Reward your members for actions outside the platform
Reward your members for actions outside the platform
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Our Zapier integration can be used to reward your Ambassify members for actions happening in other tools. Some examples:

  • Award a member points when they've completed a course in your e-learning tool

  • Award a member points when they've purchased something from your webshop

  • Award a member points when they've filled in a form on your website

  • ...


Besides a Zapier account, there are two requirements to make this work:

  1. There's a Zapier trigger for the action from the external tool (or your tool provides outgoing webhooks, see below.)

  2. The trigger includes the e-mail address of the Ambassify member.

Checking for a Zapier trigger

Checking if Zapier has a trigger for your action is pretty easy; you go to the Zapier App overview and look for the tool name you want to integrate using the search bar. If the tool you're looking for pops up, click it and scroll down on the tool's page to the "Supported triggers and actions" section and look for the trigger you need.

Let's say I want to award points to Ambassify members that buy something from my Shopify-based webshop. I'd be looking for the highlighted "New Order" trigger shown below.

If you can't find the app or it doesn't have the trigger you were hoping to use, there's it could still be possible to create the connection if your tool provides outgoing webhooks β€” which are explained later.

The e-mail address

To award points to an Ambassify member, you'll need their e-mail address so you can award the points to the right member. That means the e-mail address needs to be included in the data Zapier includes in the trigger. Unfortunately, Zapier won't show you this information in advance; the only way to make sure it will work is to try setting up a Zap and checking if the e-mail address is present in the trigger's data.

To do this, you don't need an Ambassify account, but you do need an account for the tool you'd like to connect to Ambassify β€” this is why we can't check it for you. The easiest way to check is to log into Zapier and start creating a zap with your chosen trigger. If the e-mail address is available, you're good to go.


This is a bit more technical, but some tools that don't integrate with Zapier have a different way to integrate; these are called "outgoing webhooks." Look them up in your tool's documentation or ask your contact person about it to learn more.

If these webhooks are available for your tool, and there is one that triggers on the action you'd like to award Ambassify members for, and it includes the person's e-mail address. Then you will be able to use Zapier's built-in Webhook support to create the Zap and award your Ambassify members the points they've earned.

Setting it up

Now, to connect it all together. You start by creating a new Zap and select your desired trigger as the first step.

Then you only need to add two more steps from Ambassify's Zapier integration to award the points.

First, add another step to your Zap and select the Ambassify app and the "Find a Member" event.

In the Action part, you'll fill in the "Profile Email" field by selecting the e-mail address that is provided from the trigger mentioned above (leave the "Id" field empty.) In this example, that's the "E-mail address" field from a Google Forms response:

Now you'll add a final step to award the points, again using the Ambassify app, but now by choosing the "Change Member Points" event.

And then, when you're configuring the action, find the "ID" field from the member found in the previous step.

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