When you enable the API share, your members have three options to share their posts on their preferred social network:

1) Smart schedule

With this option, you let Ambassify automatically share your post at an optimal time to get the most engagement.

How we schedule:

  • There are three possible slots in which the post will get scheduled. A slot will be chosen randomly for each post share, with an equal chance of getting selected.

    The slots:

  • 06:00-08:00. Our reporting shows that the share-to-click ratio in this slot is the highest of all two-hour periods.

  • 14:00-16:00. Our reporting shows that the share-to-click ratio in this slot is the second highest of all two-hour periods.

  • A random time between 06:00-22:00 in neither of the other two slots. To prevent too much similar content from being shared simultaneously and to keep analyzing optimal slots due to possible algorithm changes on social media.

📌 Important to note: These slots may change over time if our analytics show changes in optimal times to share.

  • Example for LinkedIn:

2) Share now

With this option, you instantly share your post on social media.

3) Scheduled share

With this option, you can schedule up to 24 hours ahead. Depending on the selected time, the message below the time-picker will tell you when the post will be shared on the chosen social network. Find more information in this article.

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