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Ambassadors posting at the same time on social media? Here’s how you can avoid it.
Ambassadors posting at the same time on social media? Here’s how you can avoid it.

Learn which features Ambassify supports to avoid an overload of the same content on social media.

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“Isn’t it a problem that all employees share the content at the same time?”.

We often get this question from our customers or prospects, and even though this often leads to interesting conversations, we thought we might settle this question in a more formal way to help those along the way who haven’t raised the issue yet but have maybe been wondering.

First of all, let’s start by saying that just because you see all the posts from your colleagues, it doesn’t mean that the people in your network also will. You naturally have a big overlap in your feed, but that’s only because you’re connected with your colleagues on LinkedIn. Your audience most likely doesn’t, so they won’t have the same monotonous effect of repeated posts in their feed.

That being said, Ambassify itself is equipped with a few features that will allow you to reduce that risk to the minimum and avoid any kind of overlap altogether. Let’s dive in!

Share message variants

When setting up a campaign for your ambassadors, you can choose to prepare different suggested captions for them to use when sharing on each social media channel. You can either write them out yourself or let our AI assistant do it for you to speed up the process when you’re not feeling so creative yourself.

This feature lets your ambassadors choose between those suggested captions while they’re about to share a post via Ambassify. The order in which these are presented is randomized by the platform to ensure variation even when your employees aren’t tempted to pick the first option.

That way, you avoid having the same message shared by everyone and create some diversity and variation instead.

Copy and visual preview variations

Caption variations aren’t the only way you can avoid repetition and overlap. Ambassify allows you to configure several copy previews and image previews for social share campaigns.

When your ambassadors share a link or an image on social media, the system will randomly select one of the configured options. This ensures once again that the employee posts aren’t exactly the same and instead are varied and more personalized.

Scheduling options

Avoiding repetition is not only about making posts look different from each other but also about posting them at different times. Ambassify helps you do that, too, with two different scheduling options.

Manual scheduling

First of all, ambassadors can manually schedule a certain post to be shared at their preferred time within the upcoming 24 hours. This allows them to choose a time when they would normally be online on social media.

To manually schedule a post, click on the arrow and select the time you wish.

Smart schedule

Smart scheduling is the second option here. With this button, the system will automatically choose a time for that post to be shared: this is the optimal time for that post to get more engagement because the audience is more likely to be active at that time.

To choose this option, simply click on the ‘smart schedule’ button under the post.

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