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Sharing report: Click cost
Sharing report: Click cost
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This metric measures the traffic generated to your website or landing page by counting the number of clicks on the social media posts that your advocates have shared via Social Share campaigns, Affiliate Link campaigns, or Share an Image campaigns. The number of clicks is multiplied by the cost per click (CPC) configured for your company.

The result you'll find in the sharing report is an estimation of how much it would have cost to generate the amount of traffic using traditional advertising. This, in turn, is also an estimation of how much money you are saving by organically sharing your content through your ambassadors.

Setting a fixed CPC in Ambassify isn't always straightforward for a marketer. It depends on many factors (the targeting, the length of the campaign, the ad copy, the visuals, the device, the platform, etc.)

Since so many factors play a role in defining what your CPC is, we encourage you to use the industry average CPCs we provide.

​Depending on how you use Ambassify, the Click Cost can represent a relatively small subset of value generated by the platform. However, the "Engagement Value" considers all actions within Ambassify (including the Click Cost) and the value they generate for your company as a whole.

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