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What are messages?
What are messages?
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Messages are part of the Ambassify platform that allow you to send e-mail or SMS messages to your advocates. Messages assume you have acquired an e-mail address or a phone number from your ambassadors either through our import or using a landing page.


We have created presets that help you get started easily with different aspects of the platform. These are shown whenever you click on the Create message button on the messages screen.

Community invite

The community invite presets allow you to send someone in your members overview an invite to join your community. Using the wizard that is part of this preset you will be asked to generate an invite link that fits your needs. Example: invite someone into your community and assign them to a group.

NPS Survey

Run a Net Promotor Score on your members to gauge their view of your brand. This preset comes preconfigured with the links that allow them to score your brand straight from the e-mail message.

Reward offer

The reward offer preset has been designed for those ambassadors that are truely loyal to your brand. Using this preset you can send them a reward offer which they can then choose to accept or decline.

Campaign promotion

Whenever you would like to ask your members to promote a post on social media you can do so using the Campaign Promotion preset. It allows you to ask your members to share, like or favorite a link and create social buzz.

Custom message

The custom message preset is completely empty and can be used to create a fully custom message. Custom messages are for those who dare to think out of the box and like to give their members something special.


Once you have selected a preset from the list you will be guided through a wizard containing the steps below.

Campaign name: give a descriptive name.

Language: if your community supports multiple languages you will have to choose the language you will send your message in.

Audience: select your audience, we allow you to do this by creating filters.

Settings: most of the presets will have this section.

Content: some of the presets will already have preset content to help you get started, this step allows you to change it.

Finish: The last step will give you the option to send a test, save for later, send or schedule your message.

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