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Automated messages
Automated messages

Automate the communication with your advocates using automated messages after completing a specific campaign or joining the community.

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Automated messages allow you to configure your message and audience in advance and it will automatically be sent to all your current and future members who match the audience you configured.

This powerful feature allows you to automatically send out community invites or set up drip campaigns form within Ambassify. You can find all of your automated messages in the Automated messages section of the Messages tab.

For example, if you create a recruitment form, and want to invite these respondents to join the community immediately after filling in the form, you can create an automatic message with the following filter:

This automated message will be sent to anyone who is not yet a member of the community but has or will fill in the form (in this example called "Member Signup").

Setting up automated messages will help you prevent a lot of manual work while expanding your community organically.

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