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How to send a community invite
How to send a community invite

Take your members to the next step and invite them to join the exclusive community environment.

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Only members who are already part of the database in your Ambassify account can be invited to join the community. To do this in a technically correct way, we need to send them a specific email to register themselves.

  • Go to the "messages" tab and select "create message"

  • Click on "create" behind the "community invite" message.

  • Name the invite so that you as an admin can easily check to who the invite was sent afterwards.

  • Set the language of the email when communicating in multiple languages within your account.

  • If you want the persons to be linked to a specific members group when accepting the invite, you can select this group(s).

  • Adjust the title and copy of the email if necessary.

  • Select your recipients by using one or more filters in the audience step. If you send to one specific person, it is best to use the "e-mail address" filter. If you want to invite a whole group, for example based on the extent to which they have already participated in previous campaigns, you can use the "interaction count" filter.

  • Send the e-mail by clicking on the "set it live" button in the last step of the wizard.

Sending an invite through a members profile

If you want to send an invite to a specific member, you can do this very easily via this member's profile.

When changing the role to 'advocate', you can create an invite message that is already targeted to this specific member.

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