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Recruiting new members via intranet
Recruiting new members via intranet

How can you use your intranet as a channel to invite new members to your community?

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One way of inviting members into your community, is by first adding members to the database in your Ambassify account (e.g. via Members > Import) and then sending them a community invite message. For more information, read this article.

Another common approach for recruiting new members is by leveraging your current intranet system. In this article, we'll describe how you can do this.

First, you create a Recruitment Form campaign using the Campaign catalog tab. In doings so, you follow the steps of setting up your recruitment form. The purpose of the Recruitment Form is to make an appealing invitation to your audience, convincing them to sign up. Because you'll be publishing this on your intranet, it is important that you choose the channel Landing Page.

When you're creating the form, you can decide which information you want members to fill in. Typically these are at least first name, last name and email address. To make sure the answer to a form field is saved in the members database, you will need to check the "Persist in member profile" box (for every field you want to be saved.)

As soon as you've finished setting up your Recruitment Form campaign, you can create an automated Community Invite message that you link to the recruitment form you just made. Via this message, people that signed up via the recruitment form can finalize and confirm their subscription.

Go to Messages > Automated messages > Create

In the audience settings of your Community Invite message, you can add a filter "Interaction is greater than 0" applied to the recruitment form you created. This will make sure that if someone fills in this specific form, this will automatically trigger sending the Community Invite message (by email or text message, depending what you choose).

In the content of your message, you can thank your audience for subscribing and perhaps repeat/tell why it's so great to join. The screenshot below is the default messaging we provide:

When you finished creating the automated Community Invite message, you can set it live. Now all you need to do, is copy the URL to your Recruitment Form landing page, paste it in your intranet environment and give some more context as to what's behind the link.

For your employees (i.e. the people you want to recruit), the process is then as follows:

  • They click on the link provided on your intranet page

  • The Recruitment Form landing page opens. Here they fill in the form (E.g. First name, Last name, Email adress) and press 'submit'.

  • Automatically they receive the Community Invite email in which they click the Call To Action button (E.g. I want to join the community)

  • A page opens where their data is already filled in. They are asked to choose a password to log in to the community

  • Once they've chosen a password, they'll enter the community

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