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Automated Community Welcome Message
Automated Community Welcome Message
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If you start with a community you want your ambassadors to feel welcome and happy to log in to the community.
It's all about storytelling and it's easy to give this an extra boost without too much manual work.

You can grow your community organically via automated messages, but in this article we zoom in on the community welcome message.

You can find this at Messages > Automated Messages and after you have sent a community invite, you can send an automated community welcome message by using the following filter:

Community member is true

If you already have an existing community and you only want to welcome the new community members, you can add an extra filter by first community login.
โ€‹And First Community Login is after .../.../...

Example of a community welcome message:

In the example we use three dynamic fields to personalize the message.
The name is automatically read, the link to the community and the login method:

Try to make this mail as personal as possible tailored to your company. You can create perfectly different community welcome messages and direct them to different groups in your community by using an extra filter.

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