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Automated social connect campaigns
Automated social connect campaigns

How our program provides a connection of social accounts in the ambassador profiles

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Automatic social connect challenges

You can not create these social connect campaigns yourself; these are automatically generated by the platform.

These campaigns include asking users to connect their Facebook, X, Google, or LinkedIn profiles or filling in their first name, last name, or e-mail address. These connect campaigns are fully integrated with the platform and will not be shown to users for whom we already have the required information.

You might not always see these campaigns, as they are randomly shown a few times a day when required. So don’t worry if you configured your ambassador profiles but don’t see any Connect challenges showing up in your community.

When connecting Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or Google+, these can also be used as login methods (if enabled at authentication). As an admin you can also see these social logins in the backend in the member profile.

The social logins are not related to sharing on one of the social media channels. When a member clicks on one of the social channel buttons to share for the first time, they will still see the pop-up to allow Ambassify to share on their account.

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