Send email notifications to members and managers based on events within the Ambassify platform

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In the account settings at Workflows, you can activate email notifications for managers and members.

These are the notifications that are currently available; more events will be added in the future:

Manager notifications

  • Notify campaign creators of new comments

  • Notify managers about new reward requests

  • Notify managers of new referrals

  • Notify managers when a new suggestion comes in

Member notifications

  • Notify members when someone mentions them in their comment

  • Notify members when someone replies to their comment

  • Reminder for inactive members (i.e. when members haven't viewed or interacted with campaigns for 30 days)

  • Notify community members when a new campaign goes live

  • Notify members when they can claim a reward

  • Notify members about mystery rewards

  • Notify members when their reward request is fulfilled

You can also see what the email will look like by clicking on the preview button:

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