In the account settings at workflows, you can activate email notifications for managers and members.

These are the notifications that are currently available; more events will be added in the future:

Manager notifications

  • Notify campaign creators of new comments:
    Send an email to the person who created a campaign when a member leaves a comment on that campaign.

    Subject: 💬 Someone dropped a comment on one of your campaigns

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    A member of your community seems to be interested in [campaign title]. They left a comment there, why don’t you go have a look?

  • Notify managers about new reward requests:

    Send an email to managers when a new reward has been requested.

    Subject: 🎁 An ambassador wants to get their hands on a reward

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    One of your ambassadors has just claimed a reward in the community. Time to make their wish come true (or refund their points, if you must).

  • Notify managers of new referrals

    Send an email to managers when a new referral comes in.

    Subject: 🧲 Your network is growing: a new referral is on the way!

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    Good news! Someone interacted with your Referral campaign [campaign title] -- there’s someone who might be interested in joining you!

  • Notify managers when a new suggestion comes in

    Send an email to managers when an interaction happens on any suggestion-type campaign.

    Subject: 💡There seems to be a new suggestion for you!

    A member of your community has apparently come up with a brilliant idea – they left a new suggestion on your [campaign title] campaign. Go check it out right away!


Member notifications

  • Notify members when someone mentions them in their comment
    Send an email to members when someone else mentions them in a comment they left.

    Subject: 📣 Someone’s calling out to you in the community

    Hi there {{profile.givenName}},
    Someone mentioned you in their comment on {{campaign title}}. Aren't you curious to find out who it is?

  • Notify members when someone replies to their comment

    Subject: 💭 It seems like your conversation is carrying on

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    Someone has replied to a comment you left on [campaign title]. Aren’t you curious to find out who it is?


  • Reminder for inactive members :
    Send a reminder email about your community to members that have become inactive.

    Subject: 👀 Long time no see — your community needs you!

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    It’s been a while since you last dropped by in our community — there’s plenty of new stuff you might find interesting. Check it out and let us know what you think!

  • Notify community members when a new campaign goes live

    Send an email to community members when you publish a new campaign in the community

    Subject: ✨A new campaign's been launched in your community!

    Hi there {{profile.givenName}},


    There’s a new campaign live in your community: [campaign title]. You might want to go check it out!

  • Notify members when they can claim a reward:
    Send an email to members when they earn enough points to claim a reward they couldn't afford before.

    Subject: 🗝️ You unlocked a new reward!

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    Congrats! Your ambassador skills earned you enough points for a new reward — you can go claim it now!

  • Notify members about mystery rewards:
    Send an email to members when you award them the mystery reward for their interaction.

    Subject: 🔎 Did someone say, mystery reward?

    Hey there {{profile.givenName}},

    Good news, you just got [n of points] extra points as a mystery reward for interacting with [campaign title]. Way to go!

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