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User-generated campaigns created by your members

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What's the idea behind member campaigns?

Member campaigns can be enabled on campaign tabs to allow your community members to create their own campaigns in your community. A fixed feed item will be available in the tab where this feature is enabled.

Some examples:

  • a member wants to build up a reading list containing interesting books recommended by team members

  • a member wants to address a company-related topic and ask other members for their opinion (e.g., What's your favorite company value and how do you embody it?)

  • a member wants to learn from his peers regarding an advocacy-related topic (e.g., What are your best practices for using LinkedIn?")

  • a member wants to get likes or comments on a post they published on LinkedIn

The comment section allows all members to open the dialogue and interact via comments and sub-comments and tagging each other in the discussion.

Tip: enable certain workflows to notify members of comments or mentions

How can you set up member campaigns?

1) When you have custom campaign tabs enabled in your account

First, create a new campaign tab via Settings > Community > Campaign Tabs.

While configuring your new or existing tab, you can enable the checkbox "Allow members to create their own posts."

You can then choose if member campaigns should be published immediately or if they should be created as drafts. If you choose the latter, the admins can choose which campaigns to approve and publish. This works identically to publishing a regular campaign created by an admin.

Next, you can add one or more tags to the campaigns created by my members and determine who should be able to see campaigns—for example, only specific groups.

You can determine whether the members can add a URL to their campaign, whether they are required to do so, or whether they can't.

2) When you don't have custom campaign tabs enabled in your account

First, go to Settings > Community > Member campaigns in the left sidebar:

Here, you can enable user-generated member campaigns.

  • enable the checkbox to allow members to create their own posts

  • determine if member campaigns should be created as draft or if they can be published immediately

  • choose which tag(s) should be automatically added to campaigns created by members

  • decide who should be able to see the created campaigns

  • choose the tab from which the members can create campaigns

How does it look in the community?

In the community, you will see a dedicated tab where members can create campaigns. In this example, the Ideation tab contains a new campaign type, 'Create your own campaign', pinned to the top.

When opening the campaign, members can:

  • add a title

  • upload a header image

  • write a description (body)

  • select the campaign's language

  • provide a short summary of the campaign

After submitting the campaign, it will be published immediately in the community or created as a draft in the backend so the admin(s) can choose whether or not to edit and/or publish the campaign.

Example: As a member, I would like to receive more comments on my post on LinkedIn. So I can create a campaign in Ambassify to ask my fellow ambassadors to leave a comment on my post.


We've added two Workflows related to the member campaigns:

  1. Notify managers about new member campaigns
    Send an email to managers when a new member campaign needs to be approved

  2. Notify members when their campaign is published

    Send an email to members when their campaign is approved and published

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