Ask your ambassadors to download a file

Provide your ambassadors with a downloadable file

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In this article, we'll zoom in on the campaign type "Interact with our file". This is a handy feature whenever you want to share a specific piece of content with your community.

When can you use it?

There are several situations in which the "Interact with our file" campaign type can be used. For example, when:

  • you have made an employer branding video and you want your Ambassadors to download it and then share it on their favorite social network(s)

  • you have created a product presentation and you want to share the PDF with your sales team so they can add it to their LinkedIn profiles

  • you have written an e-book and you ask your community to download it and share it with their professional network

  • you have organized a webinar and after the event, you want to share the Powerpoint presentation with the attendees (and/or with the people who couldn't join the session)

How does it work?

Go to "Campaigns > Create campaign" and choose "Check out our content" in the campaign catalog; then, select "A file" in the list of content.

In the campaign builder, you can simply upload a piece of content and add it to your campaign. In the example below, we uploaded a video that we created to promote new job opportunities at Ambassify. We asked our employees to download it so they can help spread the word.

Supported file formats

docx, xlsx & pptx

Always make sure that the purpose of your campaign is clear by adding a descriptive title, giving context and setting expectations in the content part, and adding a clear call to action. In this way, Ambassadors know what to do when they download the file.


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