How to set up an image-sharing campaign

Let your ambassadors share a picture or visual

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Do you have a particular image or a new campaign visual that you want the world to see? Or would you like your advocates to share a post with multiple photos from your latest company event? With Ambassify's Share campaign, you can easily provide your audience with the visual(s) and enable your ambassadors to share it directly with their social networks.

How does it work?

Go to Create campaign and select the Like, comment or share our content campaign type in the catalog. From there, hit the browse button, upload your visual(s), then click "Next".

Supported formats: Jpeg, PNG, WebP

When you upload one image, it looks like this:

When you upload multiple images at once, it looks like this:

You can also drag and drop the images to change their displayed order. Or you can use the arrows shown when you hover over the image.

Next, you can customize your campaign by adding a description and rewards and targeting the right audience.

You can choose whether you want to display the content preview on the campaign page or not.

Extra settings

Depending on if API sharing is enabled/disabled in your account, there are a few more settings to consider.

API sharing is enabled:

  • As an admin, you don't have to configure the sharing settings for the channels supported by the API share (LinkedIn, LinkedIn Company Pages, X, Facebook Pages).

  • Adding a default message for each network is common when sharing (an) image(s). This way, your advocates share the image with a context-providing message

  • For LinkedIn, LinkedIn Company Pages, X, and Facebook Pages, users will be able to share the image straight from the campaign, and the image(s) will show directly in their feed / on their wall (together with the sharing copy and/or default message). For multiple images, this will result in a nice album being shared.

API sharing is disabled

  • If you add networks to share on that don't support API sharing (E.g., WhatsApp, Facebook personal profiles, Instagram, Pinterest, ...), you will have to configure your sharing settings for these networks: open your campaign in edit campaign > Scroll down to Preview settings and fill in the title, description, and illustration. The preview contains the elements in the campaign preview and what will show on social media.

  • For the networks that don't support API sharing, users will get a classic pop-up to share images. This means they will share a link to the image(s) on their feed instead of sharing the image itself.

  • Shares are not verified.

Tip: sharing GIF visuals

When combined with API share, you can use the "Share an Image" campaign to upload a GIF. This is a great way to share short videos and animated visuals. Moreover, GIF videos are shown in-feed on social networks (e.g., LinkedIn); they start playing automatically, play in a loop, and therefore catch more attention. It is ideal when you want to share animations that play in a sequence. To remind you, this is only possible via API share. In any other case, it is impossible due to the limitations set by social media websites.

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