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I want my ambassadors to give input about a topic
Ask your advocates to upload files with our form campaign
Ask your advocates to upload files with our form campaign

Create a campaign to ask your advocates to upload photos or other files.

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In Ambassify it is possible to create a campaign where you can ask your advocates to upload photos or other files. This gives you the opportunity to collect some authentic material that you can use in for marketing or employer branding purposes. You can use the uploaded files afterwards on your corporate social media channels or website, to give you an example.

How can you do this?

Click on the green button create campaign and choose the option Give input about a topic. Next up, choose the option fill in a form.

After clicking Next, you enter the campaign builder. Now you can first build/edit your campaign content:

  • give your campaign a name (visible to admins only)

  • give it a clear title

  • describe what the campaign is about in the content

  • upload a suitable header image

  • set the rewards (optionally)

  • change the campaign author (optionally)

  • set a submit button text and thank you message (optionally)

  • Enable or disable "allow members to participate multiple times"

Now that your campaign is designed, you can create the form. You can add multiple form fields if you like, but it can be sufficient to only use the form field "File" that you find below the general form fields.

When you've selected the form field "file", you can now edit the label, name, description, placeholder and button label. At the bottom, you can choose to make it are required field. You can also allow users to upload multiple files. On the right you can see a preview of how it will appear in your campaign.

Supported file formats

docx, xlsx & pptx

Now that you finished creating the content of your campaign and you've built your upload form, your campaign is almost good to go. Don't forget to check the settings on the right hand side of the campaign builder:

  • Tags

  • Summary

  • Channels

  • Language(s)

  • Audience

  • Comments & likes

When you're ready, create your campaign by clicking on the continue button in the top right. Once created, you can publish your campaign right away or schedule it for later.

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