How to set up a re-share campaign
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A commonly used campaign type in Ambassify is the social share campaign. Here, you can add the link to an article and ask your members to share it with their network. This typically works best for blog articles, news articles, vacancies or landing pages with a specific purpose such as a page where one can subscribe to attend an event or webinar.

To find out more about the social share campaign type, please read this article.

Re-sharing existing social media posts

If your intention is to ask your members to re-share one of your company's existing social media posts (or the social media post of a person), then it's best to choose the re-share option instead of the share option. We use the term "re-share" because different social media platforms call it different names (e.g. Re-post on LinkedIn, share on Facebook).

When you add a social media post (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, ...) as a source file for your campaign, Ambassify will detect it as a social media post and an extra button Re-share will appear.

Now, in the campaign builder, you can use the title and body, to describe the purpose of the campaign (1) and briefly explain how it works.

Next up, you can enable/disable "Show embedded preview of the link", according to your preferences. You can also add one or more messages that you suggest your advocates to use along with their re-post.

Lastly, you can personalise the confirm action button text to make things as clear as possible. In this example we re-named the button to "I did a re-post!".

The action of re-posting a LinkedIn post, needs to take place on LinkedIn itself. That's why an advocate should open the link to the post and then use the re-post feature below the social post. Once that's done, the user can go back to your campaign and confirm his/her action. From a user perspective, the flow looks like this:

In the campaign, a user can first choose to copy the suggested text and then click the preview (or link) to open the post.

Below the post choose either "Repost" (directly) or "Repost with your thoughts".

If choose the latter option, you can now easily paste the suggested message and use it in your repost. After completing it, you can go back to the campaign in Ambassify, click "I did a re-post" and claim your points.

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