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Let your advocates share images or videos on Instagram

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If you have visual content that you'd like to spread on Instagram via your advocates' networks, the Share campaign is your go-to place.

How does it work?

Go to Create campaign and select the Like, comment or share our content campaign type in the catalog. From there, hit the browse button, upload your image(s) or video and click Next.

The following asset formats are supported:

  • .gif

  • .jpg or .png (images)

  • .mp4 (videos)

Which image size is recommended for Instagram? Check out this article.

First, you should provide your campaign with content to explain to your audience what the campaign is about in the title and description.

Next up, you can choose the channels where you like the image to be shared. You can choose multiple channels or only select Instagram.

In the campaign builder, you can set a default share message for Instagram that your advocates can use when sharing the visual on their feed. You can also provide a link that your advocates can add to their Instagram Story in the Instagram app. Alternatively, you can add the link to the campaign's content part and explain its purpose.

After completing all general settings (summary, tags, audience, etc.), your campaign is ready to be created, published, or scheduled.

The Instagram share feature works best via the mobile app. On the web version, we've implemented a workaround. When you click on the button to share on Instagram via the web, you will be presented with this popup:

The idea is that you can first download all the files, then open Instagram, where you can start a new post and use the image(s) you just downloaded. If you, as an admin add a default share copy, the user will also be able to copy and paste it there when creating their post.

How can your advocates share on Instagram on their mobile?

When opening the campaign, the Instagram share button will be visible (together with potentially other channels like Facebook and LinkedIn in this example).

When a user clicks the Instagram button, he or she can copy the suggested share message if this is provided.

After clicking Continue to Instagram, Instagram opens, and you can choose to share your story, on your feed, or via messages.

In this example, we'll use the Feed. Before sharing, you can paste the suggested share copy into the clipboard.

After publishing, the shared image is live!

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