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How to merge groups
How to merge groups

Merging multiple groups into one group

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When you have created multiple groups in order to segment your audience, it can happen that after a while you would like to merge two or more groups into one group. In this article, we'll explain you how you can do this.

To make it more tangible, let's say you have a group called "Red" and a group called "Blue". You want to merge these two groups into a single group called "Purple".

Step 1: Create a new group "Purple"

Go to Settings > Members > Groups and click "Create new group"

Step 2: Assign members to the new group "Purple"

Go to Members (in the navigation) > Filters > Add filter. Next, you can use the filter "Group contains any of" and select the groups Red and Blue.

Now close the filters and select all the members by activating the checkbox in the top left and click the button "Select all members". This will select all members that are part of your selection, caused by the filtering you just applied.

Now you can click the button "Groups", select the group "Purple" to assign the members and save your changes. All members from Red and Blue are now part of the group Purple.

Step 3: Remove the old groups "Red" and "Blue"

If you no longer need the old groups, you can now safely remove them. In order to do this you go back to Settings > Member > Groups and you click the Delete-button next to the old groups (in this case "Red" and "Blue").

For more information about segmentation options in Ambassify, check out this article.

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