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Rename your ambassador groups
Rename your ambassador groups

How to update the names of your different target groups

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It is impossible to implement a consistent advocacy strategy when you don't know who is in the different target groups of your database.

But how do you keep these groups up to date? Below 2 possible scenarios:

  1. You want to do a new import that complements the old one (e.g. workforce). You use the "Import" button in the "Member" tab and select the "overwrite" checkbox in the import wizard so that the new contacts are added to the database.

You can select the group(s) where you want these new contacts to be in by using the drop down menu in the "groups" field in the "custom fields" step in the import wizard.

2. You want to link an extra group to a considerable number of contacts at the same time. For example: you want to make a new group "1 year of service" and put all your employees in there that are 1 year or longer active in your company.

You go to the "ambassador groups" setting and add your new group ("1 year of service")

You filter your employees group in the "members" tab by using the "groups" filter ("contains all employees")

You select all the members that you want to be in the new group ("1 year of service")

You click on the "groups" button (the button on the right above the list of your selected members) and select the new group that you want them to be in.

Save the changes and the selected members are part of both groups now.

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