All you need to know about Groups

Groups are a way to filter out your members to optimize your content within Ambassify better.

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Communities can be divided into multiple groups, and use these groups to target your content. Groups can be based on employee function or customer segment, but don’t feel limited by a single group. It is possible to assign multiple groups to a single advocate, which allows you to create your targets as efficiently as possible.

For instance, a fictitious user, John, could be assigned to Employees, HR and Marketing.

Adding Groups can be accomplished by navigating to:

  • Click on the Settings in your account

  • From the left sidebar, select the item Groups

  • Click the Create Group button to make a new group

  • Type in a name for the new group you wish to create and hit enter

  • Afterward, you can edit any group with the Edit button

  • Every group has a checkbox Editable by member. If you enable this setting, members can join and leave these groups by going to their profile page in the community.

When creating posts or messages, different groups can be targeted via filters.

  • Finally, your community members (advocates) also have the option to change the assigned groups. They can do this by going to the Edit Profile section in the community.

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