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Deleting members

What happens with member data when I delete a member

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Do you want to delete members from your Ambassify database?

How to delete members

Go to the Members section in your admin view. Here, you can search for the member(s) you wish to delete using the filters. When you have gathered your list of members, you must enable the checkbox in the top left, which selects all people on your list. Now, you can click on the Delete button at the top of your member list. A pop-up will ask you to confirm the deletion.

If you only want to delete a specific member, you can also search for the member in the search bar, click the arrow next to their profile, then click delete.

What happens with the data?

To ensure the security of personal information, we remove all personally identifying information from a member once you delete a member. So we will remove all information like e-mail address, gender, home address, and other sensitive data.

It will result in an anonymous member we keep in our system to ensure our reporting still works. So all the interactions the member did can again be traced back to this anonymous member, but you no longer know who the person behind this member is.

Below you'll find a list of information that we will keep for a deleted member:

  • User ID

  • Organization ID

  • Creation Date

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