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GDPR Data Requests
GDPR Data Requests

How ambassify handles data requests

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Users of your community should be in control of their own data. This is part of the GDPR legislation that is enforced for every user that is an EU citizen.
As part of this control, users should be allowed to

  • Keep their data up to date

  • Request that all the data collected on them be removed.

  • Request all the data collected about them

Control mechanisms

Ambassify complies with this regulation by supplying a user with several tools.

Keep their data up to date

Community members can keep their profiles up to date by viewing their profile from the community.

Non-community members can ask their data to be updated using the information provided in Ambassify monitors any requests made this way.

Request for deletion

Community members can use the self-service form available on from the community to remove all of their personal information.

Non-community members can ask for their data to be deleted using the web form available through The submissions to this form are monitored by Ambassify staff.

Request all collected data

Users can ask for an archive of all the data collected on them using the webform on The submissions to this form are monitored by Ambassify staff.

Handling of user requests

Whenever a new request is received by Ambassify through any of the forms on, we will contact the account managers and notify them of this request.

At this point, the manager can decide to handle the requests internally or instruct Ambassify staff to comply with the request. Ambassify will provide assistance in handling the request in all of these situations.

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