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Get started with the Ambassify Salesforce integration

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The Ambassify Salesforce integration allows you to sync data and events into your Salesforce Organization and react accordingly from within Salesforce.

In order to get access to the Salesforce Integration please contact your Ambassify contact.


Before installing the integration into your Salesforce Organization be sure to contact your contact at Ambassify to ensure a smooth experience.


When you are ready to get started you will need to install the Ambassify App from the AppExchange.

When you've completed the installation of the Ambassify App you will need to follow the included instructions to enable all of the Salesforce components.


If the Salesforce integration has been enabled for you account you will be able to configure it by going to your [account settings]( and clicking on the `Add/Remove Integrations` button.

Next enable the Salesforce integration by setting the Toggle to the ON position and clicking Save.

Once the Salesforce integration has been enabled you will be able to click on the Salesforce item in the sidebar under the Integrations section.

Here you should click on the Connect your salesforce account button to connect the Ambassify platform to your Salesforce Organization using your account. It is important to note that all actions taken by the Ambassify platform in your Salesforce Organization will be attributed to the account with which you connect the integration.

Once connected you will be able to choose which action you would like Ambassify to take on behalf of you in Salesforce.

Connecting Contacts to Members

In order for Ambassify to succesfully sync user data into and out of Salesforce you will need to link Salesforce contacts to their Member counterparts. This can be done by going to the member profile in Ambassify and scrolling down to the `Salesforce` section.

Here you can click on the Connect button to connect this member to the correct Contact in your Salesforce Organization.

Once connected profile updates in either platform will be synchronized between the two and new interactions will be collected within the contacts' Salesforce profile.

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