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Setting up Affiliate Campaign with Salesforce
Setting up Affiliate Campaign with Salesforce

Configuring an affiliate campaign that integrates with your Salesforce organization.

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If you are a user of our Salesforce integration you might want to track affiliate conversions right from Ambassify.

This article explains how to set up your website and campaign such that conversions are tracked in both Ambassify and Salesforce.

Setting up a new affiliate campaign

There is a dedicated campaign type for affiliate campaigns that will guide you through the basic configuration of your affiliate campaign. You'll be able to create a campaign of this type by logging into your Ambassify administration panel, clicking on the Campaign tab followed by the Create campaign button.

During the configuration wizard you will be asked to set the tracking parameters that should be appended to the target URL. By default we will attach utm parameters that can be tracked in Google Analytics.

For an integration with Salesforce however we will need to send two additional parameter to your website, the advocate's ID and the ID of the affiliate campaign. You can do this by choosing a parameter name for both and configuring it in the tracking step. We suggest you use the names amb_advocate and amb_campaign for your parameters and configure them as shown below (you can use the button in the value field to insert variables).

amb_advocate = ###{{}}amb_campaign = ###{{}}

Configuring Salesforce

Firstly make sure your Ambassify account is linked to your Salesforce organization. More information on the set up process can be found here.

Once the Salesforce integration has been enabled you'll be able to turn Generate Leads for referrals on. This will make Ambassify check your Salesforce leads for new submissions with either the Lead Source set to Ambassify or a custom value which you can configure using the Lead Source textfield underneath the setting.

Configuring your website forms

Apart from setting the correct Lead Source on a new Lead, the Ambassify integration expects you to set the AdvocateId and CampaignId fields added to a Lead by the Salesforce integration.

You will need to contact your webmasters and ask them to save the two parameters that Ambassify will send to your website (amb_advocate and amb_campaign) using the URL into the Lead that your form creates.

Follow along with a demo video

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