You can integrate data from your Ambassify affiliate campaigns with your HubSpot CRM by connecting both to each-other using our HubSpot integration.


First, you'll need to install the integration. To do this, go to the Settings page of your account and look for the Integration tab in the left-hand menu. Click the Add/remove integration button if HubSpot is not yet listed and enable HubSpot using the toggle. Now navigate to the HubSpot integration and click the Connect your HubSpot account button.

Follow the steps to grant Ambassify access to your HubSpot account. Once you've completed this, you'll be sent back to Ambassify and see further instructions.

To start tracking submissions of your Hubspot forms, you need to:

  1. Create an affiliate campaign

  2. Make sure there is a HubSpot form on the page your affiliate campaign links to

  3. Install the HubSpot conversion tracking script in that webpage (see below)

To make sure conversion on your affiliate campaign are tracked, please add our HubSpot conversion tracking script to the webpage your form is on. This can be on your own website or on a Hubspot page through their design manager. Consult a colleague that is responsible for these things if you do not know how to do this. The conversion tracking script can be found on any affiliate challenge's Conversions page as well as the HubSpot integration settings page.

It will look like this:


Now the cool stuff. Once your advocates have started sharing the link from your affiliate campaign and people click on those shared links, we'll keep track of which advocate's link they used to get to your website/form. If these people fill in the HubSpot form, the conversion will be tracked.

These conversions will be visible inside Ambassify as well as inside HubSpot.

In Ambassify, you'll see them on the Conversions page of your campaign:

Inside HubSpot, if you go to one of the contacts that got created due to someone filling in a form after clicking an affiliate link, you'll see an extra item in the side-menu of that contact. This Ambassify Affiliates panel will show you all the Ambassify advocates that have cause this contact to fill out a form.

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