The Ambassify browser plug-in is now available to make your life even easier.

How does it work? It's simple!

First step: install our plug-in via this link (Chrome) or this link (Edge).

Now there are a couple of ways where the plugin can be very handy:

1) Turn LinkedIn or Twitter posts into campaigns with only a few clicks.

  • Thanks to the plugin, you can now create Ambassify campaigns straight from your LinkedIn or Twitter feed.

    Have you seen a LinkedIn post you’d like to boost using Ambassify? Just click the three dots and select “Import into Ambassify”, no need to copy-paste the link to the post into Ambassify anymore.

  • If you manage multiple communities, you will get the option to choose which community you want to create the campaign in.

  • Now, all you have to do is choose the right call to action for your campaign:

Example from Twitter:

2) Mention people and companies using the Ambassify browser plug-in

If you are using our API share, you will now be able to mention people and companies in the default share copy for LinkedIn shares.

3) Import any link using the plug-in

You can create campaigns from any link on the web via Chrome or Edge browser plug-in. Simply right-click on a link and select the Ambassify option.

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