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How to mention people and companies on LinkedIn via default share messages
How to mention people and companies on LinkedIn via default share messages

How to mention people and companies on LinkedIn via default share messages

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When you share content (a URL, an image or a video) on LinkedIn via Ambassify, it's possible to mention companies and followers of your connected companies on LinkedIn.

In this article, we'll explain in more detail how this works.

Mentioning companies

In order to mention companies in the default share message, you need the Ambassify plugin for Chrome or Edge. When this is installed, the admin can mention companies by typing "@" followed by the company name.

Mentioning people

We've acquired the necessary permissions from LinkedIn to use a new API that allows you to mention people in the default share message. Nowadays, this works differently compared to mentioning companies.

It does not require the Ambassify browser plugin anymore, but it requires you to connect your LinkedIn company page instead. We have created a new interface to make this possible.

When you're creating your campaign in the campaign builder and you're about to configure your default share message for LinkedIn, you will see the option to connect your LinkedIn company. You can connect more than one company and then select the company you want. This will allow you to mention the followers of this company.

This is how the interface looks when you haven't connected any company yet:

When you click the grey connect-button, you can select which of your connected companies can be used for mentions. You can click on Connect to LinkedIn to (re)connect (more) companies.

When you have connected a single company (in this example 'Ambassify'), the interface will show it like this:

When you have connected multiple companies, the interface will turn out like this, including a dropdown list:


Who can be mentioned?

There are a few conditions for who can be mentioned:

  • They must be a follower of the selected LinkedIn company (see below)

  • They must have the Off-LinkedIn Visibility setting enabled on their profile

  • They must have an English version of their profile. This is a bit complicated, most users probably won't even know what language their profile is as it has to do with what you selected when initially creating your LinkedIn profile and not what language you are using LinkedIn with or anything like that.

English LinkedIn profile

If a follower isn't showing up in the mention list and you have already confirmed that the Off-Linkedin Visibility setting is enabled, the only way to check if an English LinkedIn profile is enabled for the follower is by following LinkedIn's instructions of adding a language to your profile. This is explained here.

The following two scenarios indicate that someone already has an English profile and something else is wrong. In either of these cases, you should contact us to let us know and we will try to investigate.

1) If you see that they have already have multiple languages and English is one of them (see image below)

2) If LinkedIn asks to select the language of their existing profile when trying to add English (see image below)

Mentions: admins vs members

As an admin you can mention companies and people, following the instructions provided above. Here is an example:

Members (ambassadors or advocates) can take over the default share message including the mentions that are provided by the admin, when they share on LinkedIn. They can also edit and add personalised copy to the message, but they can't mention other companies or people than the ones that are provided by the admin. However, when a member deletes a provided mention, they can still recover it by typing "@" and the provided mentions will show up in a dropdown, so they can be selected again.

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