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Resolving log-in issues
Resolving log-in issues

Are your members having issues logging in, here's what to do next.

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Did you get the message from one of your advocates that they can no longer log in to the community?

Here, you will find a checklist of things that you can check to give advice to your customer or employee:

1. Verify community membership

You can verify that the person is a community member by clicking on Members from the top navigation and searching for the person's name or e-mail address. You can always use our filters to find members if you are looking for more members.

Ambassify supports multiple tiers of authentication called Roles. Want to know more about the roles in Ambassify? Read this article about member permissions.

2. Verify login method

If this person is indeed a member of the community, you can check the login method used. Login methods for a member are displayed in their profile, so the manager can see which account a member has used or needs to use to access the community.

3. Forgotten passwords

If the community member used their email address and password to log in, ask if this person can reset his or her password by clicking on Forgot password? on the login screen of your community. They will be emailed a link that will allow them to configure a new password.

4. Other methods of authentication

If one of the other login methods is used, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, X from Instagram, then this person has to log in again with one of these options, depending on which one was used.

5. If none of this helps

If you are still unable to help this person, we are here to help. Please contact us via the Intercom Chat function or drop us a line at

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