This guide will explain how you can send a reward offer to your ambassadors. For example, if you have a very loyal and active ambassador, you can suggest a certain reward to this ambassador. He or she will have the option to accept or deny your offer.

In this guide we will assume you have already created rewards, if not you can learn more about rewards here.

Send a reward to ambassadors

To send a reward offer to one or more ambassadors navigate as follows:

  • Go to Messages and click on Create Message

  • Choose the Reward template

  • Give your reward message a descriptive name. This is for internal use only.

  • Next you’ll be choosing the language in which you want the message to appear. This step will be skipped if you only have a single language enabled in your community.

  • Select the audience or person that you want to target with this message using our audience filters.

  • Next, you can select the reward you want to offer, do this by clicking on the label icon on the right of the textfield.

  • The content section let’s you configure the content of the message containing the reward offer, please mind the standard variables that are already provided in the content.

  • In the final step you can Send a test to see how it looks, Save for later, Set it live or Schedule it to go live at a later time.

Note that a custom message needs to be created for each language

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