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This article explains how you can send a message to your ambassadors to show them they can claim a particular reward.

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In this article, we assume you have already created rewards; if not, you can learn more about rewards here.

Send a reward to ambassadors.

  • Go to Messages and click on Create Message

  • Choose the Reward template

  • Give your reward message a descriptive name. This is for internal use only.

  • Next, you’ll choose the language in which you want the message to appear. This step will be skipped if you only have a single language enabled in your community.

  • Select the audience or person that you want to target with this message using our audience filters.

  • Next, you can select the reward you want to offer in the settings.

  • The content section lets you configure the content of the message containing the reward offer; please mind the standard variables that are already provided in the content.

  • In the final step, you can Send a test to see how it looks, Save it for later, Set it live, or Schedule it to go live later.

Note that a custom message needs to be created for each language.

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