How to set up a referral campaign

Collect referrals via Ambassify

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In Ambassify, you can leverage your community members to get referrals.

When can you use a referral campaign?

There are several situations in which a referral campaign is a valuable tool. For example:

  • You want to grow your customer base via your current customers

  • You want to run an employee referral program to attract new talent

  • You want to grow your community with new members

How does this work?

Go to "Campaigns > Create campaign" and choose "Provide us with referrals". You can then draft and tailor the content of your campaign precisely to the product, service, or subject you are focusing on.

This campaign has a slightly different set-up than other campaigns:

  1. You can ask members to fill in the referral form

  2. You can ask members to share the referral form

  3. You can allow multiple referrals from the same member

Referral form:

You can add the form fields you require from a referred person in the referral form.

The essential data for you to follow up with them is often sufficient. If you're talking about potential candidates for a job, it might be good to ask for some additional information about the person to already get a feeling about the candidate and if they would be a good fit for your company.

Share settings:

The share settings are similar to configuring a social share campaign.

Don't forget to edit the preview because this is what your members will share on their social media channels.

Landing page:

The landing page is where people end up if they click through the link your members shared via social media.

Once published in the community (and similar if you'd post it on a landing page), your referral campaign will look something like this:

  • Refer to us: a member can directly fill in the form by referring someone.

  • Share it with: a member can share the landing page you set up in your referral campaign via social media or email or copy the link to people who might be interested.

    By choosing 'Share it with, this will link to a landing page with a form that potentially interested people can then fill in:

  • Your referrals: a member builds up an overview of the referrals he/she made

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