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How to create a 'multiple clicks, links or files' campaign
How to create a 'multiple clicks, links or files' campaign

A multi-action campaign allows you to add more than one action to your campaign

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How does it work?

Go to Create campaign, choose the option check out my content and select the Multiple clicks, links, or files campaign type. When building your campaign, you have the possibility to add as many actions as you like.

As with every campaign in Ambassify, you can first create the campaign's content and apply the following settings:

  • give your campaign a name (only visible to admins)

  • set rewards (optional)

  • set a campaign author

  • add a campaign visual

  • provide content (copy + images/video)

Now, you can start adding the desired actions that you want your campaign to achieve. Simply click the green button +Add.

Every action added to the campaign has the following options:

  • Action name: an internal name for the link used in reporting (e.g. Pakawi park review)

  • Proof of participation:

    • Disabled: no confirmation, it automatically creates an interaction when a member opens the link

    • Click on confirm button: a member needs to click an extra button after opening the link to confirm they did what you ask (e.g. Done, I left a review)

    • Fill in link: a member needs to submit a link as proof (e.g. a link to the review they left on Google)

    • Upload image: members need to submit an image as proof (e.g. a screenshot of their comment on Facebook)

  • Link or file (optional): the actual link, can also be a link to a file to download
    You can also leave this empty if you simply want to display a confirmation button

  • Title: a multilingual label to describe the link or file (e.g. Leave a Google review to the Pakawi Park)

  • Open link button text: a multilingual label for the link’s open/download button (e.g. Leave a review)

  • Confirm action button text: For button/link/image, a label for the confirmation button (e.g. Done, I left a review)

  • Thank you message after campaign is completed

In the frontend your campaign looks like this:

In the example above the member did the last call to action already, so this is shown with a checkmark and the button is greyed out. It is still possible to click on the link to visit the page again.

If you don't have a confirmation button, each interaction is counted. So an interaction shows up in the backend for each link. Members can earn points for each link.

If you navigate to Reports you will see that there is a separate report for this campaign type available.

In the reports, you can also filter on the action name:

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