The whitelabel package allows you to choose your own url’s for the Ambassify community, landing pages and shortlinks. When combined with our branding package, the whitelabel package provides your ambassadors with an experience that’s completely tailored to your brand.

The whitelabel package is not included in our standard licenses. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Let's get started!

In order to get the whitelabeling working, we will need a few things from you.


The Ambassify platform uses two domains, one to host your community and landingpages ((landing-)[your-name] and one for shortlinks ( The whitelabel package allows you to customize both. This means that you will need to choose a (different) domain or subdomain for each of the domains you would like to customize.

For example, let’s say your company is called AcmeCorp and your website is at

You can use subdomains of your existing website like this:

Note that “community” and “cl” are just examples, you could call them anything you like, as long as you’re not using the subdomains for anything else and remember that for landingpages you need to use the same domain name as community but prefixed with “landing-“.

Alternatively, you could look for a completely new domain. If you don’t own it already, you’ll have to buy it. For example:

Note: (This is technical information.) If you want to use a root domain, your DNS provider needs to support setting a CNAME-like record on the root of the domain. Not every provider supports this and they all give it different names. Examples:

  • ALIAS at DNSimple

  • ANAME at DNS Made Easy

  • ANAME at easyDNS

  • ALIAS at PointDNS

  • CNAME at CloudFlare

The advantages of whitelabeling your domains are:

  • your advocacy platform is fully tailored to your brand

  • (potential) users can better identify with your program

  • a branded shortlink increases trust when content is shared

  • your domains become much more firewall-friendly

E-mail address

The whitelabel package offers some extra advantages for e-mails sent from Ambassify. By default customers are only able to configure a "Reply to" e-mail address. This means that when someone replies to an e-mail sent using Ambassify, the reply will be sent to that e-mail address.

The "From" email address however will be a "" e-mail address. Most users will not even see this, but it has a few disadvantages. Whitelabeling on the other hand will let you customise the "From" e-mail address as well.

You'll be able to choose something like "" where you can choose anything you like to replace the "hello" part and the domain part will be the same as your community domain.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • You get a single e-mail address that will send Ambassify e-mails

  • You get your own domain-level spam reputation

  • Users with peculiar e-mail clients like Outlook will never see anything Ambassify related in the e-mail addresses

The easiest solution is to keep the email domain name and the community URL domain the same (but this is not an obligation). You can also choose another email domain, as long as it is not already in use for email purposes (e.g. like the domain name of your company that you use to send/receive emails).

Contact us

Once you've chosen your domain(s) and e-mail address, get in touch with us to let us know which domains you've chosen so we can set it up from our end. In summary, what we need to know from you is:

  • If you want to customise your community (and landing pages) domain, your shortlink domain or both of them

  • The domain name you've chosen for the community and landing pages

  • The domain name you've chosen for the shortlinks

  • If you want a custom e-mail address and which one you'd like

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