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Learn how consent is managed within Ambassify

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Reviewing user consent

It is possible to review consents given by a user from the backend on their profile details page under the Consents block. This block will show when and to which version of the legal document a user consented.

Giving consent


Ambassify communities require a user to give consent to both the Terms of use and the Privacy Policy. This consent is given when the user signs up for the community as part of the registration form.

Landing Pages

On landing pages you'll have to explicitly ask for consent using the recruitment form that you would send out to people for them to register. The Consent form field makes it easy to add a consent checkbox to your form.

This form field will reflect the state of the consent as is stored within the user profile. What does this mean for you?

  • If the user has consented in the past, the checkbox will be checked

  • If the user has consented in the past but to an older version of the legal document, the checkbox will be unchecked.

  • If the user has never given consent before, the checkbox will be unchecked.

Managing Consent

Community members can consult their consents from the account menu in the top right of the community. Clicking on the item Disclaimer will open a full list of documents and their current consent status.

If a user wishes to revoke a consent or delete their account entirely, they can do that here.

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